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Freedom TB Freedom TB is a ‘technology for development’ initiative to combat tuberculosis at multi-level using a 360 degree approach. The program has various components and approaches like creating awareness and behavior change communications, patient level adherence and self-management of treatment, training health workers & DOTS providers, and establishing an open universal TB treatment and management platform. The initiative is based on ZMQ’s full-technology linked development model which effectively uses the ubiquity of cell-phone penetration. This bottom-up model is designed to engage communities in creating conducive environment for active testing, adherence and treatment. The community-led model also provides assistive support to patients during treatment. Active Compliance System Mobile based Active Compliance System is a system changing approach of meeting compliance and adherence to TB treatment. The proposed solution empowers the patients and the communities to ensure quality adherence and compliance reporting with effective self-management of TB treatment using mobile based tools. The approach not only provisions tools for compliance but also provides effective tools for supporting in active compliance with patients and communities through interactive knowledge and behavior change communication tools built alongside. Some key components: a) Patient toolkit b) Observer/ DOTS Provider toolkit c) Officer Toolkit d) Community tool For detailed information click on Connect with us through