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About us ZMQ is a “Technology for Development” social enterprise specializes in identification of social needs of communities that can be addressed through mobile technology and other ICTs. By building innovative partnerships, ZMQ creates bottom-up solutions and implements them on the ground with local partners and communities, thus achieving sustainable development. ZMQ also works with citizen sector organizations and creates solutions to address their social challenges, increase their outreach and effectiveness; thus empowering both, organizations and communities. The prime target is to exploit the ubiquity of mobile phones to achieve their social goals by creating practical and viable mobile services and making it available to communities at a very affordable price and empower them with knowledge. Some of the key domains are healthcare, education and environment; and catching up on microfinance, agriculture, disaster management and skills development. ZMQ’s social business approach is “High Impact – Low Cost” model with over 10 million beneficiaries. Vision ZMQ’s has a vision of developing technology based on a ‘System-changing approach’ rather than mere ‘Technology-enablement approach.’ At ZMQ, we build holistic solutions by involving primary stakeholders in designing process. Mission ZMQ’s mission is to provide affordable services and solutions to rural and marginalized communities to enhance their lives, thus increasing their standard of living using mobile technology. ZMQ’s key approach is “High Impact - Low Cost” model, recognized world-wide. Our objective is to bring down the cost per beneficiary under one rupee, which we have successfully retained for years by keeping it to Rupee 0.40 to Rupee 0.55 (40 to 55 paisa) for all of our scaled up projects. The key to the success of ZMQ programs is accessibility, affordability and effectiveness. This is why ZMQ is often referred as “One Rupee” technology company, based on Gandhian model. As an innovative and socially conscious organization, we develop a turnkey solutions in the areas of Mobile development, e-learning, Gaming, Edutainment, Human Performance, Knowledge Management and customized web applications. Being a technology for development company we deliver variety of solutions on wide variety of technology platforms from internet to intranet and stand alone devices to handheld and mobile devices. The company has also got a global experience to design and develop tailor-made solutions for corporate clients, Research institutions, Government and International organizations, NGOs and Game Development Companies along with consultancy services in the areas of its core competency.